Building Solutions for Increased System Reliability and Efficiency


Improving Building Technology

Renewal, Powered by Belimo is your retrofit expert backed by more than 40 years of HVAC innovations. Founded with the objective of creating comprehensive replacement solutions to revitalize HVAC systems in hospitals, colleges and universities, apartment complexes, hotels, and office buildings.

Renewal will evaluate your HVAC system and provide turnkey solutions to increase reliability, efficiency, and help you meet the climate mobilization act requirements. Renewal offers a complete range of services including consulting, installation or simply providing solutions that can be installed by your team of professionals.

Efficient HVAC Systems

Air and water distribution, as well as energy performance in buildings, can be a challenge. Damaged, faulty or inadequate devices have a big impact on system performance by wasting energy, causing occupant discomfort, loss of productivity, and increased labor costs. Average HVAC systems can be transformed into efficient systems with Renewal. Our solutions are quick and convenient to install; compatible with all major control systems, maximizing installation efficiency, and minimizing operating costs.

Custom or Standard Solutions

Fully understanding your initiatives and challenges to design by providing tailored solutions that operate according to system design with increased efficiency.

Optimized Functionality

Evaluating and identifying system inefficiencies to provide seamlessly
integrated solutions offering energy efficiency with increased service life and assistance to meet the climate mobilization act requirements.

Installation Efficiency

Designed to easily and conveniently upgrade to the highest quality
products ensuring reliable performance and maintenance-free operation.


Class A office buildings reduce district energy chilled water usage by 49% and eliminate monthly thermal inefficiency charges of $12,000 per month with the installation of Belimo Energy Valves.




Air solutions for
better reliability

Water solutions for
increased performance

Energy solutions for
efficient operation

Dependable Replacement Solutions for Adelphi University


Upgrade and retrofit the facilities HVAC systems due to degrading system.

Replacement of pneumatic actuation to electronic increasing system performance with a 15% decrease in energy consumption.

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