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System failures and high energy consumption.

Installed advanced technology valve actuators providing 80% energy savings with fast and
efficient switching between building modes.

Water Solutions for Increased Performance

Renewal offers innovative solutions for failed, damaged or faulty valve actuators and linkages that can waste energy, affect occupant comfort and productivity, and affect building costs. A poorly functioning or

nonfunctioning HVAC system can be quickly transformed into a more efficient system, maximizing installation efficiency and minimizing operation costs with solutions by Renewal.


  • Retrofit actuators, valves, and sensors that are compatible with all major 
    control systems and maximize installation efficiency and minimize 

  • Automate start-up or shut-down with the installation of electronic 
    actuators on valves that were previously manually operated with a 
    handle or gear wheel.

  • Replacement of pneumatic actuation with state of the art electronic 
    actuation increasing performance and energy efficiency.

  • Replacement valves, actuators, and sensors for discontinued models or faulty actuators save up to 95% in power consumption and help meet the climate mobilization act requirements.

  • On-site machine shop with a dedicated engineering staff for custom linkages and retrofit kits designed and fabricated within days.

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