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Sustainability Group wanted to upgrade the facilities HVAC systems due to the age of the system.

Energy Valves replacement on all six air handling units achieving 15% less kilowatt usage with a potential flow savings of over
6,000,000 gallons of pumped water over a 3 month time period.



Malfunctioning economizer with increased energy usage.

ZIP Economizer replacements on two RTUs attained a 41% reduction in energy costs,

saving $6,632 in the first year.

Energy Solutions for Efficient Operation

Renewal offers advanced solutions to fix common problems that are pervasive in HVAC systems. Studies have shown that 85% of recently installed HVAC systems in California schools do not provide adequate ventilation. In almost every chiller plant or building with district cooling, Delta T falls well short of design levels, particularly at low loads. The end result decreases occupant comfort and causes reduced productivity, and increases maintenance and energy usage. Renewal can evaluate and identify inefficiencies and provide recommended valve, actuator, and sensor solutions and installation to reduce energy costs and improve system performance with increased occupant comfort.


  • Reduce high utility costs from over pumping and increase Delta T 
    performance helping to meet the climate mobilization act requirements.

  • Reduce compressor costs and increase economizer efficiency with 
    easy setup, automatic ZIP code change over temperature, and superior troubleshooting capability.

  • Achieve uniform load distribution and eliminate annoying flow noises 
    with increased efficiency and occupant comfort.

  • Simplify expansion and tenant improvement projects with pressure 
    independent technology ensuring circuits are properly balanced 
    eliminating impact to other spaces.

  • Improve tenant retention by knowing how much energy units are 
    consuming and properly billing tenants.

  • Pressure independent and ZIP Economizer technology is the quickest 
    way to reduce equipment run time and improve the energy efficiency and reliability of your building.

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